When you are dealing with a family dispute, there are some steps you can take in order to find a solution. You can find the steps here. In case you are not able to find solutions for yourself, this page also helps you to connect to the right practitioner. By filling in a commitment card, the involved practitioner will get a better understanding of what you need.

First I will try to

1. Take good care of myself so that i can take care of my family

2. Listen well and try not to blame others

3. Listen to what my children need

4. Love, care and demand the best from my children

5. Find new ways to provide support for myself and my family

6. Aks for help if we cannot solve the problem together

Family conflicts van cause pain. By taking these steps and seeking help, many families are able to find happiness again.

Please help me with these steps

Find out what we need

Together with a lawyer, paralegal, cultural leader, religious leader, local council court, social worker or mediator, we find out what our needs are.

Reach a solution together

We try to find a solution together. It is okay if we cannot agree on everything.

Get help where needed

If we cannot agree on everything, a lawyer, local council curt, cultural leader or religious leader helps us to find a solution.

Commitment card

If you need help to achieve this, you can send this to a friend or a family member, a lawyer, cultural leader, religious leader, social worker, mediator, paralegal or local council court. The police, a prosecutor or a judge in a court may be involved.